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Recommitted Decommit Un-Transfers, Re-Enrolls, and is Named Prince of Denmark

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Bill Curry says that teenage boys waffle when it comes time to pick a college and Exhibit "A" in support of Coach Curry's argument is Mitch Mustain.

The news of Mustain's impending transfer from Arkansas has been bandied about in the blogosphere---analytically by some, gleefully by others---but this wasn't the other shoe we expected to hear drop:

Mitch Mustain, Arkansas' highly recruited quarterback who asked for and received his release from the Razorbacks this week, has re-enrolled at the university for classes this semester.

As if that were not odd enough, the report went on to disclose this datum:
Neither Mustain nor his mother could immediately be reached for comment Friday.

"His mother"? Isn't there enough parental involvement in Fayetteville these days? But wait . . . it gets stranger still:
[Houston] Nutt has left open the possibility for Mustain to return to the Razorbacks.

Well, I would imagine so. Coach Nutt took the extreme step of hiring Mustain's high school coach as an Arkansas assistant in order to prevent the prized recruit from reconsidering his verbal commitment . . . a tactic, by the way, that he stole from "Johnny Be Good."

This embarrassing situation has devolved into a soap opera, culminating in newspaper advertisements calling for the firing of virtually everyone after a 10-win season. Who do these Razorback fans think they are . . . Alabama fans?

College football's zaniest coach headquartered elsewhere other than in Lubbock, Tex., starts to see his job security slipping away . . . his prize recruit follows his abrupt about-face with an equally abrupt about-face . . . the kid decides to stick around Fayetteville and cements his decision by enrolling in classes (which, I'm guessing, at Arkansas, still involves filling in bubbles on pieces of paper with golf pencils while retrieving course numbers from computer printouts posted on particle board or fishing them out of the Opstar the way we had to do in Memorial Hall a million years ago, back in 1989) . . . and Coach Nutt leaves open the possibility that Mitch will be welcomed back to the team?

The Razorbacks couldn't be any more dysfunctional unless they started choking and outing one another. It turns out I was right . . . the Razorbacks are crazier than a pack of run-over dogs.

Go 'Dawgs!