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Georgia v. South Carolina: The Head-to-Head Comparison

What else is there to say about the University of South Carolina that has not already been said in my game preview, Paul Westerdawg's smack talk breakdown, The Realist's game overview, Doug Gillett's historical summary, or my analysis of the rumor that Plucky the Chicken may be Steve Spurrier's illegitimate offspring?

Actually, I guess I should add that (according to a loyal Dawg Sports reader) any mention of South Carolina must be accompanied by a picture of Mary-Louise Parker.

All that remains is a head-to-head comparison of the Bulldogs and the Gamecocks, in an effort to put this rivalry into its proper perspective:

Year Began Playing Intercollegiate Football:
Georgia: 1892
South Carolina: 1892

Year Began Winning Intercollegiate Football Games:
Georgia: 1892
South Carolina: 1895

Number of Undefeated Seasons:
Georgia: 4
South Carolina: 1

George Rogers can go on with his bad self.

Number of Winless Seasons:
Georgia: 0
South Carolina: 4

Number of Seasons with 10 or More Wins:
Georgia: 16
South Carolina: 1

Bowl Games Attended:
Georgia: 41
South Carolina: 12

Bowl Games Won:
Georgia: 22
South Carolina: 3

Major Bowl Games Attended:
Georgia: 15
South Carolina: 0

Winning an S.E.C. title and getting beaten by West Virginia in the Sugar Bowl to fall to 10-3 is one thing; winning an A.C.C. title and getting beaten by West Virginia in the Peach Bowl to fall to 7-4 is something else again.

Major Bowl Games Won:
Georgia: 8
South Carolina: N/A

Conference Championships:
Georgia: 1 Southern, 12 Southeastern
South Carolina: 1 Atlantic Coast

Year Joined Southeastern Conference:
Georgia: 1933
South Carolina: 1992

Georgia: pedigreed English bulldog
South Carolina: chicken

Get back to me when you appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated, star in a movie directed by Clint Eastwood, or attack an Auburn player after he scores a touchdown.

Three Most Celebrated Coaches:
Georgia: Wally Butts, Vince Dooley, and Mark Richt
South Carolina: Rex Enright, Lou Holtz, and Steve Spurrier

Combined Record of Three Most Celebrated Coaches at School:
Georgia: 394-176-19
South Carolina: 105-111-7

Series Wins Against One Another in Games Decided by a Touchdown or Less:
Georgia: 15
South Carolina: 6

Record in Last 12 Series Meetings with Longstanding Rival Clemson:
Georgia: 8-3-1
South Carolina: 3-9

First Syllable of Heralded Freshman Quarterback's Last Name:
Georgia: Staff
South Carolina: Smell

"Hey, Chris . . . come here and pull my finger!" (Photograph from

Take that for what it's worth.

Go 'Dawgs!