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We Now Pause For This Brief Commercial Interruption

The other day, I mentioned my dilemma over whether to wear my regular game day cap or my 2005 S.E.C. championship cap to Saturday's season opener.

While I went with "old faithful" (which my son picked), reasonable sports fans may disagree over which way to break on that decision.

I am pleased to announce, therefore, that Dawg Sports readers on either side of that argument are able to outfit themselves appropriately through Football Fanatics, with whom I recently have become affiliated.

Now, whether you prefer a 2005 S.E.C. championship cap . . .

. . . or the classic game day look . . .

. . . Football Fanatics can accommodate you.

The extra added bonus is that, whenever you purchase Bulldog gear through Football Fanatics, it helps support Dawg Sports. That's a win-win situation for Bulldog Nation . . . so please take advantage of the opportunity to get your Georgia gear through Football Fanatics and support Dawg Sports while you're at it!

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled weblog, which is already in progress.

Go 'Dawgs!