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Don't Bet On It: National Game of Disinterest

Since Dawg Sports readers already have been taken around the S.E.C. and provided with my picks in the national games of interest, only one responsibility remains unfulfilled.

I must declare a national game of disinterest.

The national game of disinterest, of course, is that college football contest that has distinguished itself from all other games being played that weekend. What sets this clash apart is its complete inability to produce in me a feeling of obligation to care enough about it to state a preference regarding the outcome.

Predicting the outcome of the national game of disinterest would be like choosing between Rob and Fab . . . what would it matter and how could you tell?

This week, the race to be named the national game of disinterest was a heated one. Kansas State's visit to Baylor and Duke's hosting of Virginia each provoked near-total indifference in its own way . . . but, in the end, there could be only one:

San Diego State at San Jose State

Quick . . . without looking it up, try to differentiate these two teams upon any basis whatsoever. How far apart are San Diego and San Jose? Which extinct civilization is the mascot for which? Are these conference opponents? Is this a patsy game? If so, for whom?

I'm pretty sure Ajak's getup came from the same source as one of these two teams' mascots. (Image from Capital Comics.)

I am sure there are answers to these questions, but I can't bring myself to care enough to expend the energy to learn them. This is like Louisiana-Lafayette taking on Louisiana-Monroe, only without all the spicy cooking.

I have no idea which team is which, so I wouldn't want to make a prediction because, for all I know, I'd mean to pick one team, end up choosing the other, and never know the difference.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is your national game of disinterest.

Go 'Dawgs!