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Dawg Sports Poll Results

Last week, Dawg Sports readers were asked which bowl game the Red and Black would attend and the answers confirmed that Bulldog Nation is a confident place in the Mark Richt era.

A plurality of votes (39%) foresaw sugar falling out of the sky, while the Citrus Bowl came in a distant second (18%). 16 per cent of respondents believe Georgia will play for the national championship in the postseason.

The Outback Bowl garnered eight per cent of the vote, followed closely by the Peach (7%), Cotton (5%), Independence (4%), and Music City (3%). Mercifully, none of the voters picked "none of the above."

The new poll question is up and it concerns which quarterback should start against Ole Miss. Although I often have been critical of College Football Resource, C.F.R. had a perfectly reasonable take on this one.

Of course, no sooner had he said something sensible about S.E.C. football than C.F.R. turned right around and wrote this:

Georgia's receivers have stone hands. No surprise, really. The same problem plagued Auburn receivers for many years---and then they switched to an offense that put at least some kind of emphasis on passing the ball. Just like that, the dropsies went away. . . .

I'm not saying advanced pass offenses are the way to go---simply that there's a threshold of passing emphasis and aptitude where drops suddenly are no longer an issue.

For the record, the pass-emphasizing Auburn offense has attempted 85 forward passes through four games this season . . . the fewest of any team in the S.E.C. The Plainsmen average just seven more passing yards per game than the 'Dawgs, whose ground-based offense has gained fewer first downs on running plays (31) than on pass plays (35). Reality has a funny habit of getting in the way of some folks' misperceptions.

Go 'Dawgs!