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Don't Bet On It: National Game of Disinterest

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I won't keep you in suspense any longer. Having already been taken around the S.E.C. and provided with my picks in the national games of interest, you no doubt are eagerly awaiting this week's national game of disinterest.

For the uninitiated, the national game of disinterest is the one game each week for which I refuse to make a prediction because my complete lack of interest in the outcome of that contest prohibits me from caring enough to state a preference.

This week's national game of disinterest is . . .

The Citadel at Pitt

The Citadel is noteworthy for appearing on Auburn's 2004 schedule and costing the Plainsmen a shot at the national championship. The Panthers most recently made a name for themselves by getting the Dave Wannstedt era off to a 1-4 start last season.

Any credibility regained by Pittsburgh from walloping Virginia to open the season has been squandered by (a) the Cavaliers' subsequent performance on the field, (b) the ugliness of the Panthers' win over Cincinnati, (c) Pitt's loss to Michigan State at home . . . and (d) the fact that this game is even being played.

Pat Conroy is no Faulkner---William or Shannon---and the motion picture made from his novel about The Citadel is memorable chiefly as the military movie starring David Keith that wasn't "An Officer and a Gentleman." (Image from

The very existence of this matchup eliminates virtually any possibility that I will ever be concerned about any future contest played by either squad against any team that is not Georgia. When a game not only fails to make me care about it, but actively causes me not to care about other games involving the same teams, that, my friends, is the national game of disinterest!

In other news:

The third season of "Grey's Anatomy" premieres tonight and, in preparation for that event, I have assigned to each major character on the show a corresponding S.E.C. team.

Apparently, Katherine Heigl made a favorable impression. (Photograph from Zap2It.)

The new BlogPoll has been released. Ohio State has a virtual stranglehold on the No. 1 ranking, as the Buckeyes received 51 of 65 first-place votes. Southern California stood atop my ballot, which has drawn some legitimate criticism, but I am going by what I have seen so far this season. Auburn is ranked second, followed by fourth-place Florida, ninth-rated L.S.U., and No. 10 Georgia.

In a related item, I asked who was No. 1 and you let me know . . . although, obviously, some voters cast their ballots before last Saturday's games. Ohio State finished first with 42 per cent of the vote, with Auburn coming in a distant second (17%) and "none of the above" making a strong showing (16%). Also among the contenders were Southern California (10%), West Virginia (10%), Louisiana State (3%), and Notre Dame (2%), but not Florida, which received no votes. The current poll question concerns the bowl the Bulldogs will attend.

The current MaxwellPundit standings also have been made public and, once again, I (among others this time) have been called upon to offer an explanation for the omission of Adrian Peterson from my ballot. I'm not going to try to defend that one; I am down on the Sooners as a team this year and that probably has biased me against Peterson, through no fault of his own. I'll be sure to give the Oklahoma running back a look this weekend.

Honestly, I didn't even know Adrian Peterson still had any eligibility left at Georgia Southern! (Photograph from Savannah Morning News.)

I have addressed the East Coast bias more than once recently, particularly as it relates to conference comparisons between the Pac-10 and the S.E.C., and Conquest Chronicles has shared some thoughts upon the subject. On the opposite side of the Battle of Los Angeles, Bruins Nation gave the Southeastern Conference a little love.

The current BlogPoll roundtable discussion is being hosted by Maize n Brew Dave and I have offered my responses, for whatever they might be worth. There appears to be unanimity in the Dawgosphere regarding the S.E.C.'s order of finish. Great minds evidently think alike.

Go 'Dawgs!