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The Mark Richt Victory Watch

In the autumn, all good Saturdays end the same way . . . with the Mark Richt Victory Watch, in which we count down to the Bulldog head coach's eventual and inevitable ascension to the top spot on the school career wins list.

With this afternoon's win over U.A.B., Mark Richt's career tally of successful outings improved to 55, placing him just 146 positive results away from tying Vince Dooley as the winningest coach in Georgia football history.

At 55-13, Coach Richt has the best record through 68 games of anyone ever to have held his present position. After equally lengthy tenures on the Bulldog sideline, W.A. Cunningham (43-17-8), Harry Mehre (42-23-3), Wally Butts (47-19-2), Vince Dooley (44-20-4), and Ray Goff (39-28-1) all had won-lost ledgers less impressive than Coach Richt's.

Since I have been asked when Georgia plans to play someone, I suppose it is fair to ask whether the Red and Black can continue their winning ways this season. Consider these numbers:

Georgia won today's game by a final margin of 34-0.

The last time the Bulldogs posted back-to-back shutouts was in 1980.

The number of points scored by the Red and Black today (34) was also the jersey number of Georgia's freshman running back in 1980, Herschel Walker.

The number of points scored by the Blazers today (0) was also the number of games Georgia lost in 1980.

Coincidence? Let's hope not. . . .

Go 'Dawgs!