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Bulldog Nation Suggests Excuses to South Carolina

Following last Saturday evening's victory, I posted a bit of a trash-talking poll question; namely: "You are a South Carolina fan. Your best excuse for claiming moral victory over Georgia is:"

Ten possible answers were available, of which only one ("Momentum swing at the end of the first half") received no votes. Four choices received one vote apiece: "Game was still in doubt late," "Field goal try bounced off of upright," "Only got three interceptions, but missed a couple more," and "Poorly conditioned players cramped up at home."

Steve Spurrier voted for none of the above.

Six ballots blamed the Gamecocks' loss on poor officiating and another eight held that South Carolina would have won had Joe Tereshinski III played all four quarters. Nine voters thought the worst break was the fourth down fumble going forward, but 33 ballots noted that Steve Spurrier was 11-1 against Georgia while at Florida. Naturally, the default choice ("All of the above") garnered the most votes, with 47.

The new poll question couldn't be more straightforward: "Who's No. 1?"

In other news:

  • I noted yesterday that the new BlogPoll had been released, but The Lawgiver's comprehensive breakdown is available at MGoBlog.
  • My least favorite part of tonight's Maryland-West Virginia game was the first quarter, which caused me to curl up in the fetal position, shivering from the Sugar Bowl flashbacks. My favorite part of the contest was the halftime report, in which Lou Holtz referred to "the University of U.S.C." and "the University of Auburn." Seriously, is E.S.P.N. keeping him on the air because the ratings will get a boost when he goes completely insane on live television?

Hey, it worked with Bob Barker. (Photograph from Topic Link All Game Shows Page.)

Go 'Dawgs!