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Monday Morning Table of Contents

It was a busy weekend in Bulldog Nation, from Friday morning's tragedy to Saturday evening's triumph, so, for the benefit of those of you who may not have stopped by Dawg Sports as often as either of us would have liked over the weekend, here is what you need to know heading into your Monday morning:

You heard the sad news here before you read about it anywhere else, but beloved former Georgia defensive coordinator and Georgia Southern head coach Erk Russell passed away last Friday, producing an outpouring of emotion among the Bulldog faithful, including my own ode to the great coach.

Erskine Russell, R.I.P. (Photograph from 11 Alive.)

If you're a Bulldog fan, you probably find Gamecock fans extremely annoying, as they combine a Vanderbilt legacy with an Auburn attitude. Fortunately, the 'Dawgs emerged victorious in a game in which Matthew Stafford stepped forward as the Red and Black's most promising quarterback.

Events around the college football world this weekend produced major changes on my BlogPoll ballot, which I dutifully endeavored to explain. I also cast my vote for the five finest college football players from the latest slate of games.

My predictions for this week's S.E.C. contests are available. Look for my picks in the national games of interest, as well as the national game of disinterest within the next couple or three days.

I picked the Tigers to win. (Photograph from Everything Alabama.)

Last week, I conducted a facetious poll to determine whether soccer and hockey were the same sport played under different climatic conditions and, while it was neck and neck for a while there, a clear majority (57%) assured me that the two games were distinguishable.

I will take my loyal readers' word for it, although a posting at MGoBlog this summer contained what appeared to me to be excerpts from Finnegan's Wake:

One bit of good news: linesmen will wave off icing that results when an attempted pass does not connect, cutting down on stoppages in play.

No more yellow cards for time wasting. Just add two minutes of stoppage time for every incident.

Slightly relax offsides by allowing the offensive player to be past the defender as long as some part of his body overlaps, sort of like the blue line in hockey.

If you say those are different sports, I'll believe you, but I'm having a hard time following any of it.

In the meantime, a new poll question has been posted and you are being asked to provide South Carolina fans with their best excuse for declaring a moral victory over Georgia.

That ought to be enough to tide you over for the rest of your Monday. My posting may be a bit light over the next couple of days, but bear with me for now and . . . hey! Let's be careful out there. . . .

Go 'Dawgs!