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This Weblog Not Responsible For Objects Flying From Road

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On the advice of the crack Dawg Sports legal team (well, O.K., me, my buddy Pete who roomed with me in law school, and the guy who keeps asking for more Mary-Louise Parker pictures), I hereby offer the following disclaimer, which is long overdue:

Dawg Sports makes no warranties, whether express or implied, that this weblog is either merchantable or fit for any particular purpose. Neither Dawg Sports nor its proprietor, T. Kyle King, will be deemed responsible for any defect, whether latent or patent, whether direct or indirect, whether known or unknown, either now or in the future, arising from or attributable to any information, allegation, opinion, or other expression appearing at this weblog, including but not limited to attempts at humor and/or entertainment, opponent analyses, and/or statements of contempt for Auburn University (hereinafter "That Cow College").

Dawg Sports formally disclaims all liability or responsibility for or relating to any action or inaction alleged to have been induced in any reader hereof, and any negative consequence resulting therefrom, as a result of any material contained herein, including but not limited to attempts by any reader hereof to show support for and bring good fortune to the Georgia Bulldogs (hereinafter "'Dawgs") through the wearing of "lucky game day attire," the observance of certain pregame rituals, and the preparation and consumption of particular foodstuffs with the intention of producing or enhancing supernatural or superstitious assistance for and to the benefit of the aforesaid 'Dawgs (hereinafter "mojo").

Why am I offering this disclaimer, you may ask? This is why.

Go 'Dawgs!