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Georgia versus Oregon . . . State?

The invaluable resource that is the Dawg Bone has called to Bulldog Nation's attention the fact that the hole in Georgia's 2007 schedule may be filled via a two-for-one deal with Oregon State.

While no written contract has been signed, the plan evidently is for the Beavers to open next season in Sanford Stadium and return to the Classic City in 2017. The intervening game, in 2011, would take place in Corvallis, Ore.

Guess who's coming to tailgate?

Arthur Johnson, the Georgia associate athletic director responsible for such matters, did not help my argument that there is no East Coast bias when he revealed that "he started calling schools on the East Coast and [in the] Midwest before eventually making his way to the West Coast." If this deal comes to pass, Georgia's trip to Oregon State would be the farthest the 'Dawgs have ever traveled to play a regular season game.

The Bulldogs and the Beavers have squared off on the gridiron three times previously, in 1971, 1974, and 1987. All three prior series meetings were in Athens and the 'Dawgs own a 3-0 mark over O.S.U., by an average margin of 48-22.

Against Oregon State in 1971, Buzy Rosenberg returned five punts for 202 yards and a pair of touchdowns. I think we've found our honorary captain for the 2007 season opener.

More recently, Oregon State's baseball team eliminated the Diamond Dogs from postseason play and went on to win the 2006 College World Series. This could make for some interesting exchanges between Dawg Sports and Building The Dam.

Even if the possible series between Georgia and Oregon does not take place, this arrangement would have the 'Dawgs facing Pac-10 teams in four of the next five seasons, as the Red and Black are scheduled to play a home and home series with Arizona State in 2008 and 2009.

I love it when a plan comes together!

We in the blogosphere give E.S.P.N. a lot of grief, but it appears that the Worldwide Leader in Sports is involved in arranging for this telegenic intersectional matchup to occur. This is a good thing and the boys from Bristol are to be praised for making it happen.

Now if we could just get them to work on a home and home series between Georgia and Michigan. . . .

Go 'Dawgs!