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Friday Night Dawg Bites

The weekend officially is here at last and, while I'm putting the finishing touches on my Ole Miss preview, I have a couple of points of interest to note:

  • My thanks go out to the South Carolina fans who dropped by and left comments correcting inadvertent errors in my South Carolina preview. I endeavor to be as accurate as possible, but writing Dawg Sports is not my full-time job and new information is always coming to light, so, regrettably, mistakes sometimes occur and I am grateful for my readers' good faith efforts at setting me straight.
  • As grateful as I am for comments, however, I like to know (as Lily Tomlin used to put it) "the party to whom I am speaking," so I have decided to end the practice of anonymous commenting. The process of creating a user account is simple and I invite any readers who wish to comment to sign up, as many of you have done. This will enable you to post diary entries and contribute to the conversation under a recognizable name (although, of course, it doesn't have to be your real name). I think this will promote a greater sense of community and accountability, which I hope will contribute to enhancing the quality of discussion taking place here at Dawg Sports. Your understanding is appreciated.

Show yourself, Viva Roma!

13 first-place votes, huh? (Photograph from Sooners Illustrated.)

  • A few years ago, my "Dawg Show" co-host, Travis Rice, tried to operate a weekly competition over e-mail to see who could pick the most college football games correctly. He tried this every single season and, every single season, something went haywire and the whole thing collapsed, then, the very next autumn, he'd give it another whirl. By midseason each year, everyone's weekly picks were laced with smart remarks about how a monkey with a modem could run his picks competition better than Trav. Well, now we have something better than a simian computer whiz; we have Nico's picks. While I resent the fact that Nico came up with this idea before I did, I am looking forward to taking part and you should sign up, as well.
  • Finally, although I thought I covered the misdeeds of various student-athletes pretty comprehensively last evening, it appears that I missed a few. Could the season just start, please?

This is starting to get ugly.

There'll be some fresh Dawg Sports content coming your way shortly, so stay tuned, but, in the meantime, have a good weekend.

Go 'Dawgs!