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A Game Day Dilemma

The good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I will be in Sanford Stadium on Saturday for my 20th consecutive home opener between the hedges.

While I am, of course, excited about the start of another football season in the Empire State of the South, I have a certain trepidation regarding this weekend's contest, as well. Here, in a nutshell, is my conundrum:

As you no doubt are aware, I am a firm believer in the importance of proper game day attire as a means for bringing Fortune's favor to the 'Dawgs. As you also probably know, I went to great lengths last Christmas to procure a 2005 S.E.C. championship cap.

Obviously, my decision to wear my 2005 S.E.C. championship cap brought the Bulldogs good luck on G-Day . . . but also bad luck. . . . Dang it, that's no help. . . .

Should I wear my 2005 S.E.C. championship cap to Saturday's season opener or should I go with my usual headgear? Is it liable to be luckier to display a tangible tribute to last season's improbable conference title run or would such an exhibition be an act of hubris that could only be viewed as tempting Fate? If I don't wear my 2005 S.E.C. championship cap to the Classic City, should I place the cap on the head of the Uga statue on my back porch?

This is a tough call and I do not want the 2006 campaign to get off on the wrong foot. Any advice and assistance my loyal readers could offer in the comments below would be most appreciated.

Either way, I'll see you in Athens on Saturday. I'll be the loud one wearing red and black.

Go 'Dawgs!