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Which Team Will be Georgia's Toughest Test in 2006?

Over the weekend, the votes in the latest Dawg Sports poll were tabulated and it is time to report on the results.

Readers were asked to identify the toughest opponent on Georgia's 2006 schedule and 50 per cent of the ballots cast identified the Auburn Tigers as the most difficult team the 'Dawgs will face. While half of the votes went to one S.E.C. rival clad in orange and blue, another third of the votes were cast for the other, as the Florida Gators finished second with 33 per cent.

Actually, Coach, you were No. 2. (Photograph from Sports Illustrated.)

South Carolina and Tennessee tied for third place with six per cent each and Georgia Tech finished fifth with three per cent of the vote. The other team mentioned by name, Colorado, received no votes, but two per cent of the ballots were received by "none of the above" . . . which, evidently, means that one or two of you believe Western Kentucky, U.A.B., Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, or Kentucky will pose a greater challenge to the Red and Black than South Carolina, Colorado, Tennessee, Florida, Auburn, or Georgia Tech. If you're one of those voters, please leave me a comment explaining your position.

The new poll question concerns home field advantage. Which S.E.C. team derives the greatest benefit from playing on its own campus? Feel free to cast your ballot and leave a comment explaining your vote.

Go 'Dawgs!