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Saturday Morning Dawg Bites

The week got away from me before I knew it and I haven't given you an update in a couple of days, for which I hope you will pardon me. As your weekend gets underway, here's what you need to know to stay current on the cusp of football season:

Since I gave Ivan Maisel a hard time for getting it wrong, it's only appropriate that I should give him credit for getting it right.

I am now convinced that E.S.P.N., unlike Captain Marko Ramius, elects not to employ crazy Ivans.

The much-anticipated announcement of Georgia's starting quarterback is forthcoming. I had some things to say about that, but Paul Westerdawg said them better.

Corey Logan, a tight end for Ohio, pled no contest to disorderly conduct over an incident in which he was accused of punching a horse. Frank Solich, the head coach at Ohio, is fighting his D.U.I. arrest because he believes he was drugged at the bar. Throw in the latest on former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett and you have to wonder . . . just how bizarre do criminal acts get in Ohio?

I considered making reference to "Blazing Saddles" or to Big Ed Hurley in the "Twin Peaks" pilot, but I decided to go with Hyman Roth from "The Godfather, Part II." Your sense of humor may vary.

The A.P. poll is out and Georgia is ranked 15th. The BlogPoll has been maligned and defended.

What is the quintessence of class? How 'bout paying tribute to a recently deceased former coach when playing the team he left you to go coach instead? Miami (Ohio) deserves credit for honoring Randy Walker and we should all hope that the 2006 season will end on as dignified a note as that with which it will begin.

When asked what moment in the history of my team I would most like to change, I said I would rather have had Erk Russell than Vince Dooley, which I thought was controversial enough . . . but Doug says he would rather have had 17 years of Bill Cowher than five years of Mark Richt. Dude! Dude?!?!

Bill Cowher coaching in Athens sounds pretty crazy to me . . . but, then again, as Doug notes, the man does have experience coaching Georgia players!

The strangest response to one of the aforementioned BlogPoll roundtable questions, though, came from Mike at The Card Report, where he observed:

South Carolina is another team I had ranked that isn't getting as much love as I think they deserve. After last year I'm an official member of the Steve Spurrier can do anything but coach in the NFL Club. You have to think that if they'd been able to hold on to that 21 point lead over Mizzou in the Independence Bowl that the Gamecocks would be in a lot more preseason top 25's.

As a Georgia fan, I have learned the hard way what Steve Spurrier is capable of doing as a head coach, but what, exactly, about South Carolina's 2005 season inspires the belief that "Steve Spurrier can do anything" at the college level?

For the record, the Evil Genius took over a team that had gone 6-5 the year before and coached it up so much that it went 7-5. Had the Gamecocks kept their tempers in the 2004 Clemson game, they would have gone to a bowl and quite possibly would have ended Lou Holtz's tenure with a record identical to that produced in Darth Visor's first season in Columbia.

Perhaps it is true that more voters would have ranked South Carolina had the Palmetto State Poultry "been able to hold on to that 21 point lead over Mizzou in the Independence Bowl," but, if a head coach "can do anything," shouldn't the definition of anything include the ability to sustain a three-touchdown advantage against a middling team from the weaker division of the Big 12?

If you haven't visited Roll Bama Roll by now, you simply must do so, if only to see Nico's artistic representations of Georgia and Florida. While you're there, say a prayer for Meg Ingram.

Last but certainly not least, Sunday Morning Quarterback's roundtable responses were, as always, well-reasoned, well-researched, and effectively argued . . . which is unfortunate for me, since he disagrees with my position on a playoff and he is interested in a debate on the subject. Naturally, I will gladly take up the challenge, however daunting. Stay tuned for the details. . . .

That ought to keep you up to date for a Saturday. Have a good weekend.

Go 'Dawgs!