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Wednesday Night Dawg Bites

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It's Wednesday night and the week is already more than halfway done, so, before you fall even further behind than you were already, let me do what I can to get you caught back up as quickly as possible:

My preview of Mississippi State is up and my Florida forecast is forthcoming within the next couple or three days, so stay tuned.

As a matter of fact, I am ready for some football, but thank you kindly for asking.

I let you know in advance that the preseason BlogPoll was on its way and, sure enough, it arrived, bringing Orson Swindle the special pleasure that only the Straight Bangin' Award can bring. Believe me . . . I know.

You do not want to mess with a Georgia gal, mister.

If you're like me and you keep a list of personal dos and don'ts, here are two more you'll want to add: do visit an art museum with Nico but don't go on a road trip with Peter.

I guess I'm not the only one who looks at this painting and thinks about the 1993 Georgia-Florida game.

Hey, wait a minute . . . I think those guys at Sports Illustrated are messing with us.

The relaunching of the Realist's weblog as The Cover Two, complete with the addition of Jmac, is quality stuff. Their most recent postings include a photo caption at once hilariously funny and terribly sad and a rundown of injuries and other issues.

Jeff is attending a wedding at the Chapel this weekend. It's a fine place to get married, as I learned nine years ago, but, really, leave the gold tie behind. Weddings are supposed to be unifying, not divisive . . . which is why they shouldn't be scheduled in the fall.

While we're on the subject of ladies wearing white, let me go ahead and get this out of the way before I get another request.

That may not be all the news that's fit to print, but it's all the news that fits for now. I'll get back to you soon.

Go 'Dawgs!