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The 2006 Preseason BlogPoll is on the Way!

The full rundown on the preseason BlogPoll is coming soon, but I can't wait.

Insert your standup philosopher joke here.

Georgia checks in at No. 15 in the initial 2006 balloting, just behind Michigan and just ahead of Oklahoma. (Apparently, the mid-teens are where we park traditional powers with current question marks until we're sure how it all will shake out once the season gets underway.)

Ohio State occupies the top spot in the BlogPoll, garnering 20 first-place votes to second-ranked Texas's 11. No. 3 Auburn and No. 5 Notre Dame each were ranked No. 1 on eight ballots and No. 4 Southern California rounds out the top five.

Of interest to Bulldog Nation is the fact that Louisiana State is ranked sixth, Florida is ranked seventh, Tennessee is ranked 22nd, Alabama is ranked 25th, and Arkansas, Georgia Tech, and South Carolina are among those also receiving votes.

A breakdown of the ballots cast by the 90 participating BlogPoll voters may be found here. It is a point of pride for me that Dawg Sports has the voter number "80" . . . a fine number for a Georgia fan.

Actually, I was thinking of Herschel, not Mariel, but, hey, to each his own.

More details will follow, but that's the skinny for now.

Go 'Dawgs!