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How Many Games Will Georgia Win in 2006?

The voting has been concluded for the most recent Dawg Sports poll question, "How many games will Georgia win during the 2006 football season?" I am pleased to report that, on the whole, Bulldog Nation takes a favorable view of the Red and Black's probable football fortunes this fall.

40 per cent of voters expected the success of 2004 and 2005 to be duplicated in 2006, with Georgia winning 10 games over the course of the campaign. Another 26 per cent believed the 'Dawgs would fall just short of that mark, compiling a nine-win ledger this fall.

If this guy was still our coach, every vote would have been cast for "8" or "9."

18 per cent of those voting were highly optimistic, anticipating more than 10 victories, while seven per cent foresaw a tally of eight wins, matching Mark Richt's first season in the Classic City. Five per cent of the ballots cast were pessimistic in the extreme, predicting six or fewer successful Saturdays, while four per cent forecast exactly seven wins.

In other words, more Dawg Sports poll voters expect at least 11 wins (18%) than expect eight or fewer wins (16%). Almost two-thirds of voters anticipate a nine- or 10-win season (66%) and nearly three-fifths of those casting ballots look forward to a double-digit victory total (58%).

If this guy was still our coach, every vote would have been cast for "fewer than 7."

While we are on the subject of how well we expect the Bulldogs to fare this season, I have posted a new poll question asking which team is the toughest opponent on Georgia's 2006 schedule. You are invited to express your opinion by casting your vote and by posting a diary or leaving a comment.

I am fairly certain that no one will take the view that Vanderbilt is Georgia's toughest opponent of the coming campaign . . . but, nevertheless, I will be providing a preview of the Commodores later this evening.

Go 'Dawgs!