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Thursday Morning Dawg Bites

Time flies during a short work week, as evidenced by the fact that it's Thursday already, for crying out loud! There's no time to tarry; here's what you need to know:

  • Since I have picked up a few new readers since moving over to SportsBlogs Nation, I thought there might be some regular visitors to Dawg Sports who were not familiar with my previous site, Kyle on Football. As we approach the advent of college football season, therefore, I have decided to dig up some of the postings from my old weblog and reproduce them here for the good of the order. The first such recycled article was my diatribe on bowl games, the B.C.S., and the problem of a college football playoff.
  • Over at the Georgia Sports Blog, Paul Westerdawg has unveiled one of the great ideas for a series of postings in the history of the Dawgosphere: "Dawgs Abroad," the first installment of which incorporates an exchange between Paul Westerdawg and Captain E. Leland Perry, a U.S. Air Force flight surgeon and University of Georgia alumnus who is stationed near Qatar. Captain Perry serves there with the likes of Lieutenant Colonel Derrick Dykes, Major Keith Filer, and Captain Shawn Walrath . . . Bulldog fans, every one. Regardless of how you may happen to feel about the political issues that divide Americans over certain aspects of the war, you have to admire the brave men and women who voluntarily place themselves in harm's way and do their duty for God, country, and family with fewer complaints than their situation warrants and far less glory than their bravery has earned. If we in the blogosphere can bring an occasional smile to the faces of the soldiers and sailors, of whatever team affiliation, who are serving overseas in uniform, that makes what we do worth it, although, obviously, it pales in comparison to what they do in hot spots around the globe. Godspeed to Captain Perry, Lieutenant Colonel Dykes, Major Filer, Captain Walrath, and their comrades in arms . . . and kudos to Paul Westerdawg for coming up with this idea and following through on it.

How 'bout them 'Dawgs!

  • There's been a crazy idea floated out over at Bruins Nation: Steve Spurrier as the next head coach at U.C.L.A. Hey, it's not any zanier than that whole South Carolina thing seemed . . . right up until the moment that it happened.
  • Doug is a wimp. I don't mean that to come across as harsh, I'm just saying. Go read about how Doug got the vapors while his father made like Jack Palance at the Oscars, then come back and tell me that you disagree with me on this one.

Artist's rendering of Doug Gillett watching his old man run the Peachtree Road Race.

I'm afraid one of you gentlemen is going to have to move over to make room for S.M.Q.

You may consider yourself up to date on current events in the blogosphere. Now get to work and we'll talk again soon.

Go 'Dawgs!