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Monday Afternoon Dawg Bites

It's a long holiday weekend here at Dawg Sports, so I'm kicking back and taking it easy.  In that spirit, then, I won't rush you . . . I won't try to hurry you along . . . I'm just going to go on a leisurely stroll through the blogosphere and you can tag along with me if you like.  I'm easy like Sunday morning.  

How do you handle a quarterback controversy?  Hire this man . . . only he's ours and you can't have him, so back off!

I think Michigan State should join the league on the West Coast.  From what I hear, the Spartans are part of the new Pac-10 already.  (Image courtesy All Sports.)

The guy in the middle wearing the sweater vest is available, ladies.  The one on the right wearing a cap and looking goofy?  I'm taken.

That should provide you with about as much information as you'll need to commemorate the holiday tomorrow.  

Go 'Dawgs!