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Mark Richt . . . Georgia's Coach For Life

Obviously, all Dawg Sports polls are highly unscientific and they are reflective only of the views of a small sliver of Bulldog Nation.

Nevertheless, much like the Nielsen ratings, they offer a tiny snapshot of the views of the greater whole, so it is with great pride that I bring you the final tally of the responses to the following question:  "How long will Mark Richt be the head coach at Georgia?"

For how many years will we have the privilege of witnessing this scene repeated 10 times a season?

This inquiry arose from, and has furthered, a mutually respectful yet heartfelt disagreement between a loyal reader and me. While he and I could not see matters more completely differently, I appreciate his point of view and I wanted to know whether my other regular readers agreed with me.

I am pleased to report that they do. Only 14 per cent of those voting believed that Coach Richt's tenure in the Classic City would be shorter than a decade, whereas 17 per cent took the view that he would remain in Athens for 10 to 15 years.

A larger portion of those casting ballots thought a 16- to 20-year career would be most likely, as 22 per cent of the electorate chose that option. A substantial 47 per cent plurality agreed with me that Coach Richt will be on the Sanford Stadium sideline for more than two decades. In other words, nearly seven out of 10 voters in the latest poll believe Coach Richt will remain at Georgia for more than 15 years.

You think Mark Richt is leaving Georgia? What have you been smoking?

Those Dawg Sports readers who were watching "The Dawg Show" on Henry County cable in 2000 know that Mark Richt was my first choice to succeed Jim Donnan at the helm and, since literally the first game he ever coached, I have been counting down the victories with the expectation that Coach Richt one day will surpass Vince Dooley as the winningest coach in Bulldog football history.

I believe the most recent poll results constitute a vote of confidence in our coach and an endorsement of the lofty expectations Bulldog Nation has demanded and Coach Richt has met. Mark Richt will spend the rest of his career with the Red and Black . . . count on it.

Go 'Dawgs!