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Saturday Afternoon Dawg Bites

I know you're trying to kick back and relax a little this weekend, so I won't keep you for long, but here are a few things you may want to know just to keep pace:

While you consider whether it was fair for Paul Westerdawg to refer to me as an "ignorant slut," please enjoy this photograph of the F.S.U. Cowgirls, whose 15 minutes of fame are just about done, especially in Austin and in Nashville.

Woerner the Returner was so underrated that they didn't even bother to take pictures of him using color film.

Reggie Bush, shown here not playing football for the N.F.L. team with which he has not signed a contract.

That's all the news you need to know for a Saturday afternoon. You may now feel free to return to dozing on the couch.

Go 'Dawgs!