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Gather 'Round, B.C.S. Busters!

It's been a fun run, but it's time to pull the plug on the latest poll question at this admittedly arbitrary juncture.

The polls are now closed!

When I initially asked Dawg Sports readers to tell me which mid-major conference football team would make it to a B.C.S. bowl game in the 2006 season, that inquiry garnered a lot of attention.

The votes are now in and, while Block U's Utah Utes finished in first place by a comfortable margin, they claimed only a clear plurality, not an absolute majority. The Utes received 219 of 469 votes cast and, for those of you who studied mathematics at Auburn University, that comes to 46.7 per cent of the ballots.

Next in line was Texas Christian, as the Horned Frogs' 146 votes netted them a respectable 31.1 per cent showing. The ever-popular "none of the above" took third place with 46 votes (9.8%), followed by Fresno State's 30 votes (6.4%), Boise State's 15 votes (3.2%), and Navy's 13 votes (2.8%), respectively.

Maybe Navy would've gotten more love if Tom Cruise hadn't made the mistake of wearing the white uniform to Guantanamo.

Broken down by conference, that comes to a commanding 77.8 per cent showing for Mountain West teams, a meager 9.6 per cent for W.A.C. squads, and a largely inscrutable 12.6 per cent for independent or indeterminate schools. It appears at least somewhat noteworthy that the Western Athletic Conference collectively received almost exactly the same number of votes (45) as "none of the above" (46).

The real lesson of this poll vote is twofold, however. First of all, one should not trifle with fans of non-B.C.S. schools who participate in message board posting. Secondly, the October 5 showdown between the Utes and the Horned Frogs is going to be huge, so be there or be square.

This brings us to the new Dawg Sports poll question, which is up and running to your right and which was inspired by a sequence of events beginning with Kit Kitchens's trip to the movies, continuing with my thoughts upon Kit's list, and brought to a head by the raising and dispelling of doubts about Mark Richt's future with the Georgia program.

Also, because her name keeps coming up, I felt obliged to post another picture of Mary-Louise Parker, as well.

I am on record with my own view that Mark Richt will retire as the winningest coach in Georgia football history, but I would like to take the temperature of Bulldog Nation on this crucial issue. How long will Coach Richt have a Classic City mailing address?

Let me know what you think by voting in the poll and expressing your thoughts in the comments or in the diaries.

Go 'Dawgs!