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Weekend Dawg Bites: Great Moments in Bad Timing Edition

I just got back into town after going on vacation for a week, during which period I had only limited internet access and I watched virtually no television. Apparently, there's been a lot going on while I've been away, such as . . .

Nothing against the guest hosts, but, really, it's just not the same.

"What? What? Is there some rule against that or something?"

Can you believe this?!?! I go out of town for a week, don't watch T.V., sign onto the internet only long enough to post a trio of articles, and generally remain so out of the loop that it takes a comment from Doug to let me know that I completely missed the latest Auburn scandal? No fair!

If you're a regular Dawg Sports reader, you know that I hate Auburn . . . so much so that, on occasion, I have encouraged the writing of Auburn-bashing haikus and written such gems as these three:

Auburn's library
Contains many books, and some
Still need coloring.

Last season, Auburn
Went undefeated. Begin

Has Auburn ever
Won a conference title
Without probation?

Well, it turns out I may have been right. Fortunately, despite my conspicuous absence, this has been covered at the Georgia Sports Blog, Every Day Should Be Saturday, the Georgia Sports Blog, MGoBlog, the Georgia Sports Blog, Braves & Birds, the Georgia Sports Blog, and The M Zone. Nico even has a poll up about it.

I, for one, find it hard to believe that any institution that would hire a fine, reputable coach like this man could be up to anything underhanded.

That's only some of what's been taking place in the blogosphere---for instance, there have also been comment starters, Michigan previews, turns taken at serving as commissioner, and trips to Cordele (read my lips:  pool room hot dogs)---so it'll take me a few days to get up to speed again, but, at the very least, I'm tanned (well, actually sunburned), rested (well, actually, tired), and . . . well, O.K., anyway, I'm back.

Naturally, I'll get on this Auburn thing as soon as time permits. Tomorrow, though, is a special day here at Dawg Sports, so be sure to look for a posting commemorating a special occasion on Sunday.

Go 'Dawgs!