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Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites

If your Monday was half as topsy-turvy as mine, I know you're a little behind the eight ball this a.m., so let me do what I can to get you caught up over your morning cup of coffee:  

Much like Agent Cooper, I'd really like to receive a long-distance communication from Tibet . . . although I'd prefer it if that communication was left in the comments below instead of delivered to me in a dream by a dwarf speaking backwards with subtitles.

[W]e're sitting in Atlanta, Georgia, which affects things.  Our time in the blogosphere has only made us a smarter fan by teaching us how [expletive redacted] dumb we were to start, and reminding us how retarded we still are.  This is the heart of antipunditry, a practice you can see on display at SMQ, on Feldman's blog at ESPN, or most anywhere you look in the college football blogosphere.  We're biased, we know it, and we let events dictate the drift of our thoughts . . .

That makes good sense to me.  
  • If it's the offseason and this is the S.E.C., it must be time to discuss out-of-conference scheduling.  Nico has some ideas upon the subject.  
  • Finally, last but by no means least, the Normandy invasion (known as "D-Day") took place 62 years ago today.  I know it's barely been a week since Memorial Day, but it wouldn't hurt to take a few minutes to remember the soldiers and sailors who fought and won the Second World War.  
That should get your Tuesday off to a good start.  

Go 'Dawgs!