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Monday Morning Dawg Bites

I hope you had the chance to kick back and relax this weekend, but, if you did, you may have missed a thing or two and your Monday morning is probably a bit too busy for you to get caught up without a little assistance.  Here's what may have escaped your notice over the last few days:

My birthday gift to Doug was allowing him to be seen in public with me at the G-Day game, thereby making him appear infinitely cooler than he actually is.  (I'm kidding, really.  Seriously, I'm so uncool that I got Brian's Kobayashi Maru reference without needing to have it explained to me.)

  • A question came up about Ray Goff, which I answered at some length.  Feel free to share your thoughts on the era of Georgia football about which Bulldog Nation was most divided.
  • The Oregon-Oregon State game will be played on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  If you're going to gorge yourself on turkey and watch two teams wearing those uniforms on a big-screen T.V., I would respectfully recommend that you keep an air sickness bag handy.  

I do not want to watch this on a full stomach!

That, in a nutshell, is what you need to know.  Have a good week.  

Go 'Dawgs!