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Monday Morning Dawg Bites

It's Monday morning and it's practically July.  I don't know where the weekend or the first half of the year went, but, since there's barely time to keep up with it all, I'll take a fast few seconds to lay it all out for you before your first cup of coffee even has time to cool:  

That's the history of bowl games, not the history of bowls.

I prefer to go with the more elegant formal Georgia attire.  (Photograph courtesy Varsity Vests.)

Since I don't want to be accused of kicking the Yellow Jackets while they're down, I've decided to provide a public service to the students and alumni of the Georgia Institute of Technology by posting this picture to let them know what a good-looking American girl looks like.

That ought to bring you up to speed and get you ready to dive into your work week.  Have at it.  

Go 'Dawgs!