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Friday Morning Dawg Bites

Friday is once more upon us and there's too much to do for me to tarry over the pleasantries, so let's dive right in with both feet.  Here's what's going on in the blogosphere:  

Dale Murphy never bet on baseball or took steroids.  Heck, Dale would be morally outraged to know that you're drinking a cup of coffee right now!

Does the United States' winless run through the World Cup mean we're going to have to tangle with this guy the year after next?

  • Not only has The Hobnailed Boot gotten Bulldog Nation all revved up, he's gotten a conversation going, too.  
  • Our old pal Mike Floyd has directed our attention to August 12's tribute roast for Larry Munson.  I'm guessing a good time will be had by all, although I probably should steer clear of the festivities, since Loran Smith will be there and I don't think Loran likes me very much.  My former "Dawg Show" co-host, Travis Rice, and I were the opening act at a South Metro Bulldog Club meeting at which Loran was the featured speaker, and Trav and I did a bit about the things Larry and Loran talk about in the pregame show instead of talking about the dadgum game.  Loran was good-natured about it, but I got the distinct impression that we'd ticked him off just a little bit, so I'm letting discretion be the better part of valor on this one.  You should go, though.  

Loran will pummel me about the head and neck with an uncooked leg of lamb if I show my face within a hundred yards of the Larry Munson tribute roast.

That ought to get you up to date.  Have a good weekend.  

Go 'Dawgs!