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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites

The work week is almost halfway done and, if you're like me, you still haven't had the chance to get caught up, but don't panic, because I have everything you need to know encapsulated into easily digestible morsels as you leisurely sip that first morning cup of coffee:  

  • College Football Resource has raised the issue of scheduling parity.  I offered my thoughts upon the subject, for whatever they might be worth.  
  • A preview of the new show "Geek My Ride" has been provided by Paul Westerdawg.  As an aside, I should mention that Paul's take-off on the M.T.V. automotive makeover show reminded me of the time last fall when my niece, Kate, who is in middle school, came into the room where her father and her two uncles were watching "Pimp My Ride."  She sat and watched with us for a few moments before opining, "We should get them to pimp our Oldsmobile."  My brother-in-law, Travis, informed his daughter that they would not be getting their Oldsmobile pimped.  Kate considered this for a moment before responding, "The Oldsmobile could use pimping."  

If you drive a Cadillac Escalade and you own the D.V.D. boxed set for every season of "Babylon 5," you, too, may qualify for "Geek My Ride"!

If Sergeant Esterhaus had had a Heisman ballot, Pat Sullivan would've gone back to the Plains empty-handed.

Break out the portable grill and the R.V. with the satellite dish on top . . . it's tailgating time!

  • Doug's and my old friend Benjamin turns 30 today.  Happy birthday, Benj . . . and, by the way, by "old friend," I meant that we have known each other for many years, not that you're old.  I figured I'd better make that clear, because, if I didn't, I knew you'd fixate on it.  So, anyway, happy birthday.  I hope your thirties treat you as well as mine have treated me.  
  • Burnt Orange Nation interviewed Ivan Maisel and Brian is shaving his playoff beard.  I'm not sure which of those facts is cooler.  

When in doubt, go with a photograph of Kristin Davis.

That should get you current.  Now drink your coffee before it cools and get to work.  

Go 'Dawgs!