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Late Night Dawg Bites

As a busy week nears its conclusion, I find myself with even more on my plate than usual, so I'm going ahead and getting this posted tonight, but I'll have to make this quick and we have a lot to cover, so hang on tight, because, cup of coffee or no cup of coffee, here we go:  

  • Burnt Orange Nation has taken the time to debunk certain criticisms of Mack Brown's coaching credentials . . . credentials, by the way, which include winning 56 games and a national title over the course of the last five years, annually hauling in top-ranked recruiting classes, reviving a once-proud program that had won more than eight games in a season just once in the seven years prior to his arrival (and just twice in the 14 autumns preceding his hiring), and becoming just the third head coach since 1984 to win Rose Bowls in back-to-back seasons.  Yeah, the poor guy can't coach a lick, can he?  
  • Burnt Orange Nation has also reported the news that Chris Simms is a father.  Fortunately, it's a girl, so we won't have to worry about the kid turning out to be another absurdly overrated college quarterback.  For his part, consistent disappointment Chris (whose father, Phil, took a shot at his loser son by bragging of his daughter-in-law that "at least there's one tough person in the family") named his daughter Sienna Rose, which I'm pretty sure is the color of Susan's and my new couch.  

If Chris Simms turns out to be a lousy father, too, can his wife bring in Major Applewhite off the bench?

Different Men at Work.

  • The Illegitimate Offspring have been busy lately, introducing Sean Jones Wednesdays and providing creepy pictures of a National Socialist feline.  No, I'm not kidding.  
  • Kanu has seen Starship play live, which raises a question.  If John Mellencamp (formerly John Cougar Mellencamp, formerly John Cougar) became the lead singer of Starship (formerly Jefferson Starship, formerly Jefferson Airplane) and played a halftime show at an Auburn football game, how many different combinations of band names, lead singer names, and mascots would it be possible to make from the three of them?  

"What does Kanu need with a Starship?"

I'm not entirely convinced S.M.Q. is ever going to tell us who killed Laura Palmer!

I got me one of them there iPods.  That makes me cool, right?

Bruins Nation goes after cheaters with the singleminded tenacity of a loyal dog.  In a related item, here's a picture of Uga going after an Auburn player.

If you don't consider yourself well-informed after all that, well, I bid you go in peace.  

Go 'Dawgs!