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Monday Morning Dawg Bites

It's just another manic Monday here in Bulldog Nation and you probably haven't even had the chance to catch your breath after a whirlwind Father's Day weekend, but don't panic . . . I'm here to get you all caught up in the time it will take you to put away that crucial first morning cup of coffee.  This is what you need to know:  

Any mention of Alabama football warrants a gratuitous photograph of Birmingham native Courteney Cox.

Soccer is not popular in the two most populous countries on the planet. The most popular sport by far in India is cricket (where matches may take a leisurely three days), and in China table tennis rules. Soccer is most popular in Latin America and Europe, actually, hardly starving parts of the world per HDI indicators.

And if we were to assign a malady to go along with a love of college football...well, we'd put money on it being infant mortality. The US has one of the worst infant mortality rates in the industrialized world, and it's particularly bad in the Southeast.

Just an observation from someone who went nuts trying to access sport worthy of any attention in the Eastern Hemisphere.

I really didn't expect Orson to break out the H.D.I. indicators on me, but I promised him I'd share his thoughts with the rest of you, so that you could make your own decision.  Naturally, you may feel free to offer your own observations in the comments below.  

That's your rapid rundown of what's going on in the world.  Now get to work.  

Go 'Dawgs!