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Thursday Morning Quick Hits

It's already Thursday and it feels like the week has only just gotten underway.  Since you've hardly had time to get back into a groove, it's only fair to surmise that you haven't been able to keep up with everything going on in the world around you, so here's what's going on in the blogosphere, boiled down to its essence:  

Acknowledge biases.  They affect everything and nothing at the same time, and make you appear to be something different than a pundit, who presumably knows what they're talking about.  That would not, is not, and will not be us.

Although Orson and I are in agreement upon this point, Paul Westerdawg concurs with Heismanpundit's position that the transparency of a blogger's biases matters less than accountability and quality of content.  

Orson Swindle's Rule No. 17:  Jennifer Tilly pictures!

Do not adjust your monitor.  Those uniforms are supposed to look like that.

If Rod Smart had played for Auburn, this would just be truth in advertising.

Unsurprisingly, the top three vote getters were the Gators, the Plainsmen, and the Yellow Jackets, against whom the 'Dawgs ended the regular season in a three-game stretch known in Bulldog Nation as "Hate Season" at the finale of each autumn from 1959 to 1995.  Auburn, the team I hate the most, ranked third, with 15 votes.  Georgia Tech finished a strong second at 26 votes.  The lion's share of the ballots went to Florida, however, as the Big Lizards ended up No. 1 in the poll, receiving 53 of 100 votes cast.  

The new poll concerns the upcoming College World Series.  Vote early and vote often, especially now that you're all caught up and ready to face the world.  

Go 'Dawgs!