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Peace In Our Time!

Over at Maize n Brew, Dave has made it official:  Northwestern and Miami (Ohio) are in the new Midwestern Conference, while demoted Conference U.S.A. member Illinois is out.  

While this resolution was not without its conscientious objectors, Dave and I ultimately agreed that both the Wildcats and the RedHawks were more deserving of major conference status than the Fighting Illini.  

In order to mollify Illinois supporters, though, I suppose we could consider setting up a Midwestern version of the S.E.C. Junior to give the Illini the option of climbing back into the big leagues. . . .

Since popular demand requires the periodic inclusion of photographs of Mary-Louise Parker, I went with a black and white picture, in honor of Dave's plentiful use of historical imagery.

By the way, my thanks go out to regular reader Jmac for tossing a little traffic my way with his latest posting.  

Jmac says he would like to see North Carolina added to the Bulldogs' non-conference schedule, which isn't a bad idea, considering Georgia's long history with the Tar Heels . . . and, of course, the need to settle once and for all the question of which is the oldest state-chartered university in the United States.  (Here's a hint:  it's the one that was chartered first.  I'd think that would be obvious.)  

Go 'Dawgs!