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Lunch Hour Quick Hits

The world is a busy place and you may have missed a thing or two while you were looking the other way.  Here are a few items of note that may have escaped your notice:  

At the urging of Burnt Orange Nation and Every Day Should Be Saturday, Doug Gillett ran his Bloggerpalooza photos through the celebrity-similarity-o-meter and discovered that I look like some actor I've never heard of and Doug looks like Elle Macpherson.  Frankly, I don't see it.  

I'll never look at "Sirens" the same way again.

My recent mention of U Dub Dish inspired a Dawg Sports reader to rise to the defense of Georgia's use of the term "Dawg" and note the uniquely regional use of that spelling.  

I have to agree.  "Dawg" is the Southern pronunciation of "dog."  It is commonly known that "dog" spelled backwards is "god"; it is worthy of note, however, that, when you take the Southern pronunciation of "dog" and spell it backwards, you get the northern pronunciation of "god."  

Think about it:  D-A-W-G is how we say "dog" in the South, as in "How 'bout them 'Dawgs!" . . . but G-W-A-D is how they say "god" in New York City, as evidenced by Chandler Bing's annoying ex-girlfriend from "Friends."  

"Oh . . . mwy . . . gwad!"

Finally, Il Duce is a preening, pompous, self-aggrandizing micro-manager, but at least Michael Adams is a first-class fundraiser, right?  Actually, Paul Westerdawg has called our attention to the fact that this popular perception simply isn't true.  

The current president of the University of Georgia is a public relations disaster and, despite his reputation, he isn't good with money.  Why are we keeping Il Duce around again?  

Go 'Dawgs!