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Photographic Proof That Bloggerpalooza Happened

In all fairness, I asked for it, so it really is all my fault, but, in any case, our good friend Doug Gillett has posted his digital photos from Bloggerpalooza '06, including this one:  

Photograph courtesy Hey Jenny Slater . . . although, actually, Trav took the picture, so maybe it's courtesy him . . . of course, it was Doug's camera . . . but Ann had it for, like, a month and a half afterwards, so . . . ah, to heck with it, they can fight it out. . . .

From left to right (both politically and in the picture), that's Ann, Doug, and me.  Evidently, I have not gotten less dorky-looking since my Red and Black mug shot.  

Nevertheless, I'm grateful to Doug for putting the pictures from the G-Day game on-line, so I would encourage all Dawg Sports readers to get Doug something nice for his upcoming birthday.  

Doug's first choice for a birthday gift?  Angelina Jolie.  Doug's second choice?  His picture on the cover of People's "100 Most Beautiful People" issue.

In other news, although I'm a little late getting it to you, E.S.P.N. had a nice write-up about Georgia baseball before the Diamond Dogs' weekend series with the Bat Cats.  The rest of the relevant details are contained in yesterday's Sunday afternoon quick hits.  

Go 'Dawgs!