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Honor Has Been Satisfied

A bet is a bet and our good friend over at A Sea of Blue was true to his word, as a picture of a bulldog is up at his site, as promised.  

Winston Churchill urged magnanimity in victory and defiance in defeat and I intend to heed that bit of wisdom.  As A Sea of Blue notes, the Bat Cats lost the battle of the weekend but won the war of the season, capturing the Eastern Division championship outright and finishing in a two-way tie with Alabama for the conference crown.  

Winston Churchill wasn't a Bulldog . . . but he resembled one.

Furthermore, the Diamond Dogs could face Kentucky again in this week's S.E.C. baseball tournament and, as we all know, in a playoff system, it's the postseason match-ups that really count.  In short, I am proud of Georgia's recent performance on the diamond, but the Bulldogs haven't won anything yet.  

My thanks go out to A Sea of Blue and I share his view:  good luck . . . unless you play us.

Go 'Dawgs!