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Saturday Morning Quick Hits

The weekend is upon us, so life should be a bit less hectic for the next couple of days, but, even so, there are places to be and people to see, so why tarry?  Here's what you need to get you up to speed:  

In a crucial game against Kentucky, Gordon Ely-Kelso put down a perfect sacrifice punt.

After the ruling on Georgia Tech's appeal was announced, Jim Tressel reportedly placed a telephone call to The Flats to congratulate them for cheating flagrantly and getting away with it.  (Not pictured:  Bobby Dodd rolling over in his grave.)

Among the uses to which the money will be put is the creation of seven endowed professorships over the next four years.  Unfortunately, the academic programs to be strengthened by this gift are to be "determined by the university president and provost," the former office being that occupied by Il Duce, Michael Adams, whose most recent embarrassing antics include attempting to micromanage tailgating activities with nitpicky regulations and taking an asinine stand against the name by which the Georgia-Florida game commonly is known, who is sustained in his position by men of questionable character and dubious qualifications.  

Nevertheless, despite the fact that this generous donation will be subject to the poor judgment and pernicious meddling of that preening blowhard Il Duce, it demonstrates that Damon Evans is putting the athletic association's unallocated funds to good use and rebuts effectively the contentions of those who claim that a university's academic mission is undermined, rather than enhanced, by intercollegiate athletics.  

Thanks to the success of Bulldog athletics, one of the top public law schools in the United States may be among the many academic programs at the University of Georgia to receive additional funding.

On that note, I will sign off with my best wishes to each of you for a good weekend.  

Go 'Dawgs!