I would have put this in the comment section, but it wouldn't let me

"Mostly, though, they're about family.  They're about meeting up with your three closest college buddies to get barbecue before the homecoming game.  They're about having your uncle grill you a steak on a Friday night in Jacksonville with the stadium lights visible on the horizon.  They're about taking your girlfriend and future wife to her first college football game and having to explain to her that, just because Phillip Daniels intercepted Cory Ledbetter's first pass and returned it for a touchdown with 14 minutes and 46 seconds remaining in the first quarter, she shouldn't expect every game to start out that well.  They're about meeting Doug Gillett by the Arch in the rain and tailgating in the North Campus Parking Deck.  

They're about being a father and being a son."

That's why you're one of the few considered for Question 3 on Burnt Orange Nation's roundtable (to say nothing of the depth and comprehensiveness of what you do).

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