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Tuesday Morning Quick Hits

Here it is, Tuesday already and there's work to be done, so there's no excuse for wasting time.  You don't have all day to get caught up on what's going on in the world, so here it is in a nutshell:  

I'll be getting around to this guy in part two.

Kyle's work over at Dawg Sports continually leaves me scratching my head as to 1) how he [is] able to write like that, 2) how was he able to make the correlation between a Cylon and the President of UGA, and 3) how in God's name does he have time to do it all?  Kyle covers everything Georgia athletics has to offer with both insight and enthusiasm.  Whether it's gymnastics, basketball or football, Kyle knows it and covers it.  

I'm always excited to see what he comes up with next, and his work always exceeds my expectations.  Again, if you're not reading him, you should be.

Thanks, Dave.  I really appreciate that.  

As an added bonus, Dave gave an excellent answer to B.O.N.'s your-head-coach-has-to-step-aside-suddenly-and-you-get-to-pick-his-replacement question:  Fresno State's Pat Hill.  This is why Regis used to let contestants phone a friend before giving their final answer, because, if I'd read Dave's posting before offering my own answers, that would have been my answer, too.  

Since I know Ian and Johnny were watching the season finale of "Grey's Anatomy" last night, too, I suppose I should mention that, although Ellen Pompeo is a perfectly lovely gal who is what Calista Flockhart could have been if only Calista Flockhart looked like a woman, Dr. McDreamy keeps blowing the call:  Kate Walsh is not his second-best option.

Now you're all caught up and ready to dive into your work day.  Have at it.  

Go 'Dawgs!