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The World's Largest Indoor Presidential Ego

The new Dawg Sports poll question is up and running.  

I pulled the previous question a couple or three votes earlier than usual and I'll report on the results of the most recent inquiry later today, but I wanted to go ahead and address the new question to Bulldog Nation in honor of Michael Adams's latest antics.  

As noted at Every Day Should Be Saturday, Adams has asked C.B.S. to stop referring to the Georgia-Florida game as "the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party."  

"By your command, Imperious Leader."

As readers of Cale Conley's War Between the States are aware, that term dates back to the 1950s, when The Florida Times-Union's Bill Kastelz used the phrase in a column after hearing the term used by fans.  It is as much a part of the tradition of the game as the site of the contest itself, as evidenced by the fact that the most famous play call in Georgia-Florida history, Larry Munson's description of Lindsay Scott's touchdown catch in 1980, makes reference to the nickname of the game.  

Now, Il Duce Michael Adams wants to change all that.  Apparently, he thinks that, if we quit calling it a "cocktail party," people will quit drinking at the event.  This makes approximately as much sense as believing that, if we call them "correctional institutions" instead of "prisons," they will turn convicted felons from hardened criminals into model citizens.  

As usual, Michael Adams's latest proclamation is self-serving, asinine, and an excuse for getting his name in the headlines by imposing his will upon an institution that has long since ceased to want him around.  I am no advocate of pregame imbibing, but Il Duce's most recent attempt to hand down edicts from on high is preposterous and insulting.  

Michael Adams lets tailgaters know he means business.

Now I know why the Redcoats are going to China:  they're trying to get away from an authoritarian dictatorship.  

Go 'Dawgs!