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Thursday Morning Quick Hits

The weekend is almost upon us and you have miles to go before you sleep, so there's no time to waste and we're burning daylight.  Here, then, is your morning run-down before you get to work:

Oregon versus Oregon State . . . the Ducks against the Beavers . . . "The Civil War" . . . "The Battle of the Webbed Feet" . . . "The What-the-Heck-Are-They-Wearing? Bowl."

John, I was really hoping you'd gotten that whole cowboy hat thing out of your system by now.

Doesn't think Jax is fair due to travel, temperature, & would feel the same if we win 5 in a row.

First of all, I'd like to give that winning-five-in-a-row-over-Florida thing a whirl.  (Actually, right about now, one in a row would be nice.)  Beyond that, though, I must respectfully disagree with our esteemed head football coach on this one.  

I take a back seat to no citizen of Bulldog Nation in my unabashed admiration for Coach Richt and longtime fans of "The Dawg Show" will recall that I publicly advocated his hiring at a time when his was but one name on a long wish list in the immediate aftermath of the Jim Donnan firing.  However, I also am a strong proponent of keeping the Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville and I hope Coach Richt will be persuaded to change his mind before the time comes to renegotiate the contract that would allow the game to remain at its traditional neutral site.  

It doesn't get any better than this.  I mean, except when we win, of course.

The very mention of the word "Cincinnati" requires that I incorporate this photograph.  Well, that or a picture of statesmen returning to the plow.

That ought to get you up to speed as your Thursday morning gets underway.  Now grab yourself a cup of coffee and get to work.  

Go 'Dawgs!