2006 Draft Notes

While some in the media would say that it was a disappointing draft day for USC fans. With the most players taken, twelve in all. I'd have to say I am pleased but I'm not gushing with glee with said results.  Alas the day was not without some, but not necessarily obvious, intrigue.

-    The Falcons did not listen to Kyle in his request not to draft any Dawgs.  Well at least he'll get to see D. J. Shockley on a regular basis.

-    The Raiders got cute and decided to take two safeties. USC's Darnell Bing and UT's Michael Huff. Talk about trash talking, the rest of the team will need earplugs after the first day of camp with these two. I expect Huff to get the better end of the conversation and the last word. They won. In the end I see some serious coverage by these two, Both at IHOP and on the field.

-    It looks like LenDale White's drug test wasn't positive after all.  What was positive was his effusive praise for his new teammate Vince Young. Both before and after the draft.  HT- BON.  Could it be that things weren't all that touchy feely in the SC backfield?  I mean come on, Matt and Reggie TV!  How about the Thunder and Lightning weather report instead.  I mean I couldn't be the only one who felt this way.

-    Dawgs and Trojans- from what I was able to find in a quick perusal of the final draft results I found two instances of where SC and UGA players will be working in concert in support of their new teams. The tandem of Leinart and Pope should be fun to watch in their new home in the Valley of the Sun.  In the trenches in Philly, UGA's OG Max Jean-Giles and SC's OT Winston Justice will help anchor the line to protect Donovan McNabb.

All in all it was an interesting draft.  Since I live in the NYC area one of these years I'll have go to the draft and experience the carnage that Jets Fans are always proud to show the world.

I wouldn't want these nuts showing up on my doorstep!  And this is when they're calm!!

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