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Thomas on Football

Susan's and my son, Thomas, is three years old and the source of many thoughtful and witty observations.  

For instance, the boy got a bike for his birthday and he was riding it around in the basement when he pulled up to a window, stopped, looked out into the back yard, and said:  "I want a surprise and a Happy Meal and a Number One and a Diet Coke and that'll be all.  Thanks!"  

A new road recently was completed in our area and our drive home intersects with the new thoroughfare.  When we were stopped at the red light at that intersection, Thomas remarked, "That's the new road."  "That's right," I replied.  "That's the new road and we're on the old road."  "This is the old road," he agreed, then added:  "We need to throw it away."  I had to explain that, in this case, "old" just meant it had been there longer, not that it was no longer any good.  

On a trip to the local Wal-Mart, Thomas got a free sample of a new type of Doritos.  He ate a couple of the Doritos and Susan asked him what he thought.  "They're like Cheetos," he responded, "but they're also like chips."  

At supper the other night, Thomas and I were cutting up with one another, as fathers and sons are wont to do, when I, after being informed that Thomas had gotten some new food items on a recent trip to the store, asked, "Whose are they?"  "They're mine!" Thomas insisted.  "You're right," I said, "they are mine."  "No, they're mine," he retorted.  "That's what I said," I countered.  "They're mine."  Thomas then explained, "No, they're Mommy's and Thomas's, but not Daddy's."  

There was a similar instance of quotability earlier this evening.  When Susan and I were getting Thomas ready for bed, we explained to him that we would all be going to Athens tomorrow to see a football game.  

The boy considered this for a minute.  "Oh," said Thomas finally, "I guess Herschel Walker will be there."  

I was too proud of my son not to share the moment with all of you.  

Go 'Dawgs!