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Friday Afternoon Quarterback

A word ought to be offered on behalf of Sunday Morning Quarterback, who may be a fan of a mid-major team but who runs an upper-echelon weblog.  Like his beloved Golden Eagles, S.M.Q. often gets overlooked . . . then he jumps up, surprises someone, and reminds you that a lot of quality lurks slightly off of the radar screen.  

S.M.Q. has begun offering what he correctly classifies as absurdly premature assessments of college football teams.  Considering that he started with Central Michigan, I can only surmise that, between now and Labor Day weekend, he intends to break down all 119 Division I-A teams.  

S.M.Q.'s latest preseason evaluation concerns a team appearing on the Bulldogs' annual schedule, the Eastern Division rival Kentucky Wildcats.  Sunday Morning Quarterback forecasts a 2-9 campaign for Kentucky and believes the 'Cats may go winless in conference play against a schedule that includes Vanderbilt.  

No word yet on whether A Sea of Blue wishes to offer a rebuttal or a concession.  In the meantime, though, keep your eye on Sunday Morning Quarterback's upcoming team breakdowns.  

Go 'Dawgs!