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Wednesday Morning Quick Hits

Warren St. John's Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer "Fanopticon" weblog recently received its one millionth visitor.  Congratulations, Warren!  

I mean . . . Warren St. John recently had his 100 BILLIONTH visitor!

In other news, The M Zone reports that E.S.P.N. ombudsman George Solomon has accused "[s]ome M Zoners" of being "aggressive and abusive" towards Colin Cowherd during the recent controversy over the radio host's use of M Zone material without proper attribution.  

The controversy ended when Cowherd made an on-air correction.  The M Zone graciously accepted his apology and, as promised, allowed the matter to drop.  Why, then, did Solomon feel the need to exhume this issue by making it seem as though the blogosphere, rather than the Worldwide Leader in Sports, was at fault?  

I believe the appropriately descriptive initials are these:  "C.Y.E.S.P.N."  

Go 'Dawgs!