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The Poll Results Are In and It Turns Out That I Still Hate Auburn

The responses to the most recent Dawg Sports poll question are in and I, for one, am somewhat surprised by the results.  

The question put to my readers was as follows:  "Which Western Division team will Georgia face in the S.E.C. championship game in December?"  The 100 votes cast yielded no majority for any single answer, although a clear plurality emerged.  

With the support of 43 per cent of the respondents, Auburn was the top choice for the team Georgia is likely to face to settle the conference crown following the 2006 regular season.  I hate Auburn.  

Tommy Tuberville demonstrates his ability to count by raising one hand for each of the games Dawg Sports readers believe Georgia and Auburn will play against one another during the 2006 football season.

L.S.U., the team I consider the frontrunner in a strong Western Division, finished in second place with 25 per cent of the votes.  Although I didn't participate in the poll, my ballot would have been cast for the Bayou Bengals.  

14 per cent of participants in the poll forecast a Georgia-Alabama showdown in the S.E.C. title game.  This response was the third most popular, narrowly edging out the blasphemous thought that the Bulldogs would not win a fourth Eastern Division championship in a five-year span (13%).

Astonishingly, four per cent of voters predicted that Arkansas would win the West and a startling one per cent chose Mississippi State.  No one foresaw the Red and Black meeting Ole Miss in Atlanta for the season's final conference contest.  

The new poll question, which was posted earlier this evening, is as follows:  "In the absence of Kristin Davis or Emily Procter, whose picture should most often appear in Dawg Sports postings?"  Sadly, the supply of pictures of Kristin Davis and Emily Procter that are both available and usable is dwindling, so, if pictures of smart, classy ladies are to appear periodically here at Dawg Sports, it will be necessary for us to shift gears.  

Kristin and Emily look forward to entering the Dawg Sports Hall of Fame.

While I hope you're stopping by Dawg Sports for accurate information and clever commentary on University of Georgia athletics rather than for some kind of "Babe of the Week" or anything of that sort, I have heeded my readers' call and included a list of options for your consideration . . . and, yes, Catherine Zeta-Jones is among the choices.  

As always, you may feel free to explain your position in the comments below or, better yet, in the diaries available on the right hand side of the page.  Your participation and interaction are strongly encouraged and highly valued.  

Go 'Dawgs!