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Friday Morning Quick Hits

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So what's been going on while I've been turning the college football world on
its ear?  

Well, for one thing, my radical realignment proposal has generated some responses, from Alabama to Michigan, as well as in the comments left in my Alex Haley-like 11-part series.  

The Bulldog blogosphere has been hard at work, led by Doug Gillett, who has been en fuego lately with his hilarious history of the Clausen family and his citified-pride smack talk.  Birmingham has B-Four (which was written by my law partner's brother, by the way), its own Drive By Truckers song, Warren St. John, and Doug, which, for my money, is way better than having some stupid professional sports franchise.  (If Birmingham wants one so badly, then I, as a native and resident of metropolitan Atlanta, would be happy to give up three out of the four local major sports franchises.)  

Consider this a reward to my faithful readers.

While I'm praising my fellow internet-based Georgia fans, I should pause to offer a word of gratitude to the Dawg Bone, which is an essential part of any nutritious breakfast in Bulldog Nation.  If you're not dropping by the Dawg Bone already, do yourself a favor . . . begin each day with a morning cup of coffee (preferably in a mug depicting Uga or the oval "G" logo) and a trip to the Dawg Bone to get caught up on all the news that's fit to print.  

Under the heading "it's a small world, after all," MGoBlog is starting to come around to my way of thinking regarding my belief that Ohio State is the Auburn of the Midwest and it turns out that they like Chick-fil-A in South Bend, too.  

Speaking of "The Chick," some of Truett Cathy's finest fare was available for consumption at the reception following last night's Fayette County Teacher of the Year presentation.  

My wife, Susan, was named the Teacher of the Year at her school and she was one of the three finalists for the county-wide award.  Although the Fayette County honor went to another deserving candidate, I am very proud of Susan for the hard work she puts into her teaching and I am glad to see her get some of the recognition she deserves.  Congratulations go out to all of the nominees.  

Go 'Dawgs!