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Tuesday Evening Quick Hits

The world has not ceased spinning while I have been busy reshuffling the college football conferences, so I hope you will permit me to take a moment for the purpose of getting you caught up on goings-on in the blogosphere and elsewhere:  

Despite having a busy week this week, Paul Westerdawg and Dawgnoxious of the Georgia Sports Blog have managed to list the five non-conference opponents they would most like to see Georgia play (which A.C. Evans has also done), give Jimmy Clausen the business for making a Chris Simms-like entrance with a bad haircut while evidently eliminating the need to play the next four seasons of college football (and, as if that were not damning enough, Fighting Irish fans have hailed him as "[p]erhaps the most-hyped high school football recruit coming to ND since Ron Powlus"), and revisit the issue of out-of-conference scheduling.  (Egad, was that all one sentence?)  

Freshman Gym Dog Courtney Kupets, already the winner of the N.C.A.A. all-around gymnastics title, is a finalist for the Collegiate Women Sports Award Program honor bestowed upon the top female athletes in a dozen recognized sports.  

Courtney Kupets.  (Photograph courtesy University of Georgia Athletic Association.)

There's been a little housekeeping done by Nico, who may be joining us in Athens for the U.A.B. game.  Could Bloggerpalooza '06 Part Two (This Time It's Personal!) be in the works?  

Finally, on the radio this afternoon, Buck Belue reported that the wife of Georgia golf coach Chris Haack gave birth to a baby girl last night, whom the proud parents named Grace Elizabeth Haack.  On behalf of the entire Bulldog Nation, Dawg Sports congratulates Coach and Mrs. Haack on this new addition to their family.  

For whatever it might be worth, when my wife, Susan, was expecting our son, Thomas, we didn't find out beforehand whether we were having a boy or a girl, so we had to pick out a boy's name and a girl's name in advance of the big event.  Had we had a daughter instead of a son, the child's name would have been Grace Elizabeth King.  

What larger bearing, if any, this has on my ideas regarding the christening of offspring, I leave for your determination, although some pertinent thoughts already have been shared upon the subject.  

Go 'Dawgs!