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Sunday Evening Quick Hits

Monday is fast upon us, so, if you're looking to get your work week started off right, here is where your attention needs to turn before your nose resumes its placement against the grindstone:  

Kristin Davis, appropriately dressed for a Georgia home game.

Evidently, Mr. Sulu shares a birthday with Darth Visor and other manifestations of evil incarnate.

  • Should there be luxury boxes in Michigan Stadium?  Uh . . . yeah.  
  • During the 2005 football season, I received some rather harsh criticisms from Notre Dame fans who didn't like the fact that I was reserving judgment on Charlie Weis until he strung together consecutive quality campaigns.  My point was simply that Coach Weis's rookie record in South Bend was less impressive, measured in terms of wins and losses, than Tyrone Willingham's first season beneath the Golden Dome, so there was no guarantee of his long-term success.  Accordingly, I feel somewhat validated by the following observation from the leading voice in the Fighting Irish blogosphere:  
Of course, we have to mention, along with everyone else I suppose, the omission of Frank Leahy from the back of the shirt.  The images of the great coaches from ND's past on the shirt harkens back to the Mt. Rushmore version of The Shirt, except in this version Leahy is replaced with Charlie Weis.  That is to say, the man who won four national championships with the Irish is not there, but the man who has won nine games is.

That's all I'm saying.  
  • Speaking of the Fighting Irish, though, how out of hand is their game against Georgia Tech going to get?  By the way, that reminds me of the Yellow Jackets' tie with Notre Dame in 1980, which brings me to . . .  
  • I always thought the iPod was the lazy weakling's Walkman, but Kanu may have shown me the error of my ways.  

"Oh, man, are there going to be some MP3s downloaded tonight!"

No, not that Big House!  

For the record, all I said was that I had access to Chick-fil-A 24/6, not that I had access to Chick-fil-A 24/7.  There's a big difference and I can assure you, to my great regret, that I have no special power to procure a chicken sandwich on the Sabbath, which I'm pretty sure is a violation of Mosaic law, anyway.  

That should get you all caught up this Sunday evening and put you in the proper frame of mind to return to work on Monday morning . . . and maybe run by Truett's for lunch while you're at it.  

Go 'Dawgs!