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Tennessee 6, Georgia 4

You know the drill by now.  

First, the Diamond Dogs dash my hopes, then they get my hopes up all over again.  This leads inevitably to another disappointing performance by the Red and Black in baseball.  

Sunday afternoon's series-settling showdown between Eastern Division cellar-dwellers Georgia and Tennessee was a sloppily-played game of baseball, as each squad was guilty of committing a trio of errors.  

Bulldog pitcher Trevor Holder never made it out of the third inning and, although the Red and Black relievers held the Big Orange scoreless during the final five frames, the damage had already been done, as the home team spotted the visiting Volunteers two runs in each of the first, third, and fourth innings.  

Foreshadowing shot of Josh Morris.  (Photograph courtesy University of Georgia Athletic Association.)

Despite trailing by six runs after three and a half stanzas, the Diamond Dogs did not go gently into that good night . . . or, at least, U.T. provided the Red and Black with ample opportunity to rage, rage against the dying of the light.  A Josh Morris single to left began a rally to which the Vols provided a hefty assist, allowing three unearned runs to cross the plate in the fourth frame.  

Morris added a solo home run in the fifth inning to close out the day's scoring.  Morris's two hits, two runs, and one R.B.I. provided much of the punch of the Georgia offensive attack, as the Bulldogs managed only six hits while permitting 11 to the opposition.  

The Diamond Dogs have games remaining against Western Carolina, Georgia Tech, Florida, South Carolina, Auburn, Kennesaw State, and Kentucky before the S.E.C. tournament commences on May 25.  As they say, it ain't looking good for the home team . . . which is right about the time the Georgia baseball squad begins demonstrating its intermittent mettle.  

Due to popular demand, I present a photograph of Kristin Davis and some goober I don't know from Adam's housecat.  Either ignore him altogether or Photoshop your face over his.

In an unrelated item, Doug Gillett has taken issue with my contention that the Atlanta Falcons are the most futile franchise in professional sports.  

While I stand by my position---the Atlanta N.F.L. franchise is the only pro team with any longevity never to have posted consecutive winning seasons---Doug offers strong support for his claim that I am wrong and that the Falcons may be only the sixth-worst pro sports team of all time.  

Sadly, that may be the best defense of the Falcons that can be mustered.  

Go 'Dawgs!